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About me

Hello, my name is Antonella Patitucci. Many call me the little one with the giant smile. With my height of 5,15 ft I belong to the shorter ones. Luckily every type of person is needed in the movie industry.

As a child I already discovered my great passion for acting. It all started with my training at the Arts & Sports School in Zurich, Switzerland. This gave me the opportunity to further develop myself artistically next to the school time. In ninth grade, I had my first engagement. I was able to go on a tour with a circus and explore the world of the arts.

This unique experience showed me once more what makes me happy and fulfills my heart . At the age of 15 I moved to Munich, Germany. For one year I collected a lot of acting, dancing and singing experience and decided to try the entrance examination for the musical school Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg. After my successful admission, I was able to enjoy an excellent education for three years and got perfectly prepared for the market.

After graduation, I played on various productions on stage until I had the opportunity to participate in a casting for the leading role of a movie. After the amazing shooting time, I knew – this is it! This is where I belong. This is my passion. I love the fine arts of camera acting, just the fact that you can see every detail of the actor’s emotion.

I love when I see that my work moves or touches people. The feeling I get, when I see that I can inspire someone for 90 minutes while they watch the movie and just pull them out of their everyday routine, is indescribable.

I am very grateful to have found this vocation which makes me so happy to live.



  • Joop van den Ende Academy
    Musical Hochschule Hamburg
    2011 – 2014


  • Height
    5,15 ft
  • Nationality
    Switzerland and Italy
  • Hair color
  • Year of birth
  • Age range
    17 to 28 years


  • Der Alte – ZDF
    as Gitti
    Direction: Raoul Heimrich
  • Swiss Break – Motion Picture
    as Melanie
    Direction: Andrew Resurreccion
  • Record XY: Isar Stiche
    as Gina Venti
    Direction: Raoul Heimrich
  • Natalia – Motion Picture
    as Kaylee / Elle
    Direction: Andrew Resurreccion
  • Rewake – Short Film
    as a female lead
    Direction: Sandeep Abraham
  • Closure – Short Film
    as female lead
    Direction: Andrew Resurreccion
  • Die bessere Hälfte – Stage Play
    as Nora
    Direction: Jack Gutknecht
  • Quenched Thirst – Short Film
    as female lead
    Direction: Andrew Resurreccion
  • Commercial for Livit AG


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